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Production Stills
Behind the Scenes Stills
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Production Stills

Harry reaches his breaking limit after burt snatches up his newspaper.


Paul politely excuses himself from his own table as Burt moves in.


Burt contemplates his next move after following Harry into the restroom.

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Behind the Scenes Stills

Director Greg Steiner reviews the scene with actor David William Cabrera (offscreen). L-R: Associate Producer Alex Cannon, Greg Steiner, Michael Kebe and Elisabeth Boggio.


Director Greg Steiner reviews the script while actor Michael Kebe (Mike) looks on.


David William Cabrera (Burt) rehearses a scene with Michael Kebe (Mike) while Associate Producer Alex Cannon mans the boom mic.


A page from the script. (note: There is some harsh language which you may wish to remove to avoid offending sensitive viewers.)


David William Cabrera (Burt) reviews his lines before shooting a scene.


A breakdown sheet from the production book.


Director Greg Steiner watches the performance from his minature 'video village' setup next to the camera. The feature was shot using a JVC GY-100U HD camera powered by IDX batteries and equipped with a CAVision matte box and a follow focus.


Actors Michael Kebe (Mike), Elisabeth Boggio (Kristin) and David William Cabrera (Burt) listen as Director Greg Steiner makes some performance suggestions after a rehearsal.


On the set at Duffy's Diner as Director Greg Steiner prepares to shoot the next scene with Michael Kebe (Mike) and Elisabeth Boggio (Kristin).


Director Greg Steiner and Associate Producer Alex Cannon watch as David William Cabrera (Burt), Michael Kebe (Mike) and Elisabeth Boggio (Kristin) rehearse a scene while Ast. Director Kimberly Middleton (seated in foreground) reviews notes for the next shot.


Director Greg Steiner reviews a scene with the cast. (Left to Right: Greg Steiner, Bruce Linser, Elisabeth Boggio, Michael Kebe, and Lorenzo Toledo. Seated in chair: Stephanie Power.)


Cast and crew on location at "Burt's House". (Front row: Robert Schlegel, Bryan Power, Greg Steiner, Alex Cannon, David William Cabrera, Bruce Linser. Back row: Stephanie Power, Lorenzo Toledo, Elisabeth Boggio, Michael Kebe, Sparkle Veasy.)

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